Drilless Dentistry

Restorative Dentistry Spokane WADrilless Dentistry, formally known as air abrasion, is an exciting technological advance employed by our cosmetic and implant dentist on the Northside of Spokane. Dr. Keefe can use air abrasion to replace the noisy and uncomfortable traditional drill that many patients have come to fear. With drilless dentistry, a stream of non-toxic powder is used to “sandblast” small amounts of decayed tooth material away. Dr. Keefe can also use air abrasion to prepare teeth for restorative dentistry procedures, to remove stains, and to repair old sealants.

Since air abrasion is so precise, it affects much less of the healthy tooth structure than older techniques do. Best of all, there is often no need for any type of anesthetic before a drilless dentistry procedure, so patients can enjoy a much quicker and more comfortable visit.


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