Oral Surgery

Spokane Oral Surgeon and Wisdom Tooth Removal

If you need oral surgery to remove impacted or infected teeth, or to perform bone grafts for dental implants, you need a doctor who has plenty of experience and uses only the best technology. Dr. Keefe at 5 Mile Smiles has more than 20 years of experience as an oral surgeon performing a variety of oral surgery techniques and pursues continual training on cutting edge dental technology. He puts his knowledge and experience to work for you. Every aspect of your treatment is completed right here in our North Spokane office.

Wisdom Teeth

Your wisdom teeth are the third and last set of molars you will grow, but your jaw may not have enough room for them to come in. Impacted and partially erupted wisdom teeth can cause pain, swelling, and infection in your mouth and lymph nodes. The CBCT imaging and diode laser we use at 5 Mile Smiles allows for precise surgery that will cause the least disruption to your mouth and gums and the quickest possible healing time. It’s important to take care of impacted wisdom teeth sooner rather than later, so call our North Spokane office for an appointment and free consultation today!

Tooth Extractions

Wisdom teeth aren’t the only teeth that may need extraction. A broken or infected tooth that has abscessed may need to be removed for you to regain your oral health. Extractions are quick and usually painless. In fact, if you are experiencing pain from the abscessed tooth, an extraction provides the fast pain relief that you need.

Bone Grafts

After a tooth extraction, your jaw will lose bone structure in the immediate area. If you and your dentist decide to place implants to replace the lost tooth, you will most likely need to have a bone graft. Bone may be grafted from your hip, jaw, or chin (or it can even be synthetic) depending on how much is needed and which site is best suited for an extraction. Dr. Keefe uses a diode laser during the extraction. Use of this cutting edge technology allows your oral surgery site to heal and to integrate bone more quickly!

Oral Conscious Sedation

One of the latest techniques in dental surgery is oral conscious sedation. Our North Spokane dentist will give you a prescription dose of Diazepam. This combination will allow you to “nap” through your procedures, but be awake enough to respond to the doctor. You will be very relaxed and likely won’t remember the procedure at all. At 5 Mile Smiles, your comfort is a priority to us.

Cutting Edge Diode Laser

Dr. Keefe is committed to using the best technology available for his patients. In oral surgery, that technology includes the soft tissue diode laser. Using a laser provides precise, quick incisions and allows faster healing. The laser may also be used for gingival contouring to give your gums a more aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Whether you need your wisdom teeth removed or a bone graft prior to implantation, 5 Mile Smiles is the dentist in your area that you can trust. Call our Spokane office today for a free consultation!