Dental Patient Testimonials – Spokane, WA

Spokane Dentistry Patient

“I just wanted to say, I have never met a dentist like Dr Keefe. I mean, his touch was awesome and his general approach was just so caring and personable. He really made me feel just so comfortable and really at ease. He and Mona are very competent and definitely professional, and I knew without any doubt that they cared and I was truly getting great dentistry. I just love my dentist!”

Dental Implants Patient

“I chose 5 Mile Smiles and Dr Jason Keefe to place my implants and I am super happy I did. He has the newest equipment and the best technology. I was amazed at the CBCT X-Ray and the virtual implant placement that was done before the surgery. There was no chance of surgical error. It was painless, very fast, and now I can eat anything, anytime and smile with confidence. Everyone should come here for their dental implants. Thanks Dr. Keefe.”

Sedation Dentistry Patient

“Dr Jason Keefe is my dentist and I really and truly think the world of him. I’ve always been very afraid of the dentist and now I’m not! He gives me three yellow pills and then two tiny blue pills, and then the dental experience is amazing. I don’t even remember the appointments. I love sedation dentistry and my dental experiences at 5 Mile Smiles!”

Teeth Whitening Patient

“Hi I’m Ivan…I came to 5 Mile Smiles because my friends and coworkers come here and told me it was great, and it is! I wanted my teeth whitened and they do it for free. For real…for free! So, now I have a bright white smile and a great dentist – Dr Keefe – and a great dental home called 5 Mile Smiles. I totally recommend it to everyone.”

Emergency Dentistry Patient

“Hi, I just had a root canal and a same-day crown placed here at 5 Mile Smiles by Dr. Jason Keefe and his amazing assistant Vonda. And, wow, am I seriously impressed. In less than two hours, I went from a broken tooth and a horrible toothache to a completed root canal with a permanent crown glued on… This office has the best staff, the best equipment, and the best doctor. It’s great, I totally recommend this place.”

Spokane Dental Patient

“At 5 Mile Smiles, I receive very good dental care. But, it’s more than that. It is perfection here. The staff keep at the task until it’s right. Starla and Tilda worked through some complicated insurance issues, and they didn’t give up until it was correct. They really care and they do a great job. Dr Keefe is gentle, personable and makes me feel comfortable. Vonda is amazing and Kerry keeps my smile bright and white. I love 5 Mile Smiles!”

Invisalign Patient

“Dr Keefe just completed my Invisalign treatments and…honestly, I couldn’t be happier. It’s actually amazing, it was totally painless, super easy, and now I have a beautiful smile. I’m so happy to have chosen Invisalign and 5 Mile Smiles and even Dr Keefe. They’ve been incredible! Everyone should come here, they’ll just be as happy as I am. Thanks Dr. Keefe!”