Wedding Dental Tips

Get Your Smile Wedding-Ready with Cosmetic Dentistry

If you have dreamed of your wedding day since you were young, chances are you want to look your absolute best on your special day. You’ve likely spent a lot of time envisioning what you will wear and perhaps how you will style your hair. Have you considered how your smile will look as you walk down the aisle?

If you want to ensure your pearly whites are as bright and beautiful as possible for your wedding, honeymoon and beyond, consider a cosmetic dentistry treatment with Dr. Jason Keefe. Read on as Dr. Keefe suggests how to get your smile “wedding-ready.”

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is a very popular way to quickly brighten your smile. Dr. Keefe can perform a one-hour, chairside bleaching treatment to lighten teeth instantly. Or, he can provide a take-home kit to use at your convenience.

Professional or dentist-supervised teeth whitening is highly preferable to over-the-counter strips or trays, which use less-concentrated products that don’t work as quickly or as effectively. Dr. Keefe also has techniques to minimize tooth sensitivity and discomfort during and after treatment.

Porcelain Veneers

Another popular cosmetic dentistry treatment among brides and grooms is the placement of porcelain veneers. The thin pieces of porcelain are bonded to the front of the teeth to conceal minor cosmetic imperfections like chips, cracks, wear or stains. Veneers can also hide small spaces in between the teeth or teeth that are slightly crooked. They are carefully customized to blend in with the surrounding natural teeth.

Orthodontic Treatment

Sometimes individuals with more extensive spacing or alignment problems opt to undergo orthodontic treatment. Invisalign, ClearCorrect, traditional braces or ceramic braces can improve the appearance of crooked, crowded, gapped or otherwise misaligned teeth. And as Dr. Keefe explained in his last post, orthodontic treatment is good for the health and function of the teeth as well as their appearance!

Keep in mind that orthodontic treatment can take a year or more to see results, so if this is something you are interested in, make sure you have plenty of time to prepare.

Schedule a Consultation with Dr. Keefe

If you would like to sit down with Dr. Keefe to discuss improving your smile for your big day, we invite you to schedule an appointment at our office. Please call or email us today to book your visit.


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