Teeth Whitening in Spokane

Teeth Whitening for Sensitive Teeth

Do you want a whiter, brighter smile but hesitate to whiten your teeth because of concerns about sensitivity and discomfort? You are not alone. It is quite common for individuals with stained, yellow or otherwise discolored teeth to avoid whitening treatment that could benefit them because of fears about pain.

But don’t lose hope: it is possible to get the white, bright smile you desire and minimize the chances of sensitivity and discomfort. The answer is to let an experienced dentist like Dr. Jason Keefe handle your care. With more than 25 years in practice, Dr. Keefe has plenty of experience helping patients just like you achieve their cosmetic goals and enjoy a gorgeous smile. To Dr. Keefe, you are never just a number or a chart: your concerns are important to him, and he will take all the time he needs to make your experience positive and comfortable.

Here are three reasons to make Dr. Keefe an integral part of your whitening treatment.

Rule Out Any Issues That Could Worsen Sensitivity

The first step in any professional whitening treatment with Dr. Keefe is for him to check your teeth, gums and mouth for any dental issues that could lead to or worsen sensitivity. Certain problems like cavities and gum disease have been known to cause sensitivity.

A clean bill of health from Dr. Keefe can give you confidence that you will not develop sensitivity or pain due to undetected cavities or gum disease. Alternatively, if Dr. Keefe does discover a problem, he can treat it swiftly so you can proceed with whitening.

Supervise the Whitening Treatment

If you are prone to sensitivity, it is best to avoid over-the-counter whitening products and to leave your whitening treatment to a professional like Dr. Keefe. Over-the-counter whitening strips are universally sized and not fitted to the individual contours of your teeth. When they don’t fit right, they are prone to slipping out of position. This means that the bleaching agent can make contact with your sensitive gum tissue and cause discomfort.

Professional whitening treatment with Dr. Keefe involves the careful application of a powerful whitening gel to your teeth. Dr. Keefe and our team take special precautions to ensure the bleaching agent stays where it is supposed to. Your gums and the other soft tissues of your mouth will be covered to protect them from the bleaching agent. Dr. Keefe and our team can also apply a desensitizing product to your teeth to reduce the risk of discomfort. During treatment, Dr. Keefe and our team closely supervise you and can make any adjustments as needed for your complete comfort.

Provide Aftercare Tips

At the conclusion of your treatment, Dr. Keefe provides comprehensive aftercare instructions and tips to minimize any sensitivity or discomfort. This includes instructions for avoiding certain foods and beverages and using special products like desensitizing toothpastes. Our entire team is available to answer your questions after treatment.

To learn more about professional whitening treatment with Dr. Keefe, please contact 5 Mile Smiles today.


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