Do You Clinch or Grind Your Teeth?

Night Guard Dentist Spokane WABruxism is very common with most patients.  It is caused when you are clenching and or grinding your teeth, especially at night. Clenching refers to tightly clamping your top and bottom teeth together.  The force of clenching causes stressful pressure on the muscles, tissues and jaw.

Jaw disorders, jaw pain, soreness, headaches, earaches, damaged teeth and other problems can result from bruxism. If clenching causes jaw pain, it can disrupt sleeping and eating, leading to other dental problems or create TMJ problems. Nightly grinding can also disturb sleeping partners. Your dentist can make a clear night guard for you to sleep in to alleviate the clenching or grinding.

If you think you are clinching or grinding your teeth, call our office and make appointment to have a night guard made. 


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