Are Energy Drinks Bad for My Teeth?

Enamel Erosion from energy drinks Spokane WAWe get this question often at the office so here is some information about energy drinks and how the affect your oral health. By wearing away your tooth enamel over time, a new study suggests that energy drinks may increase your risk of developing cavities and sensitive teeth due to erosion that the drinks cause.

With the popularity of energy drinks is on the rise, (especially among adolescents and young adults) their permanent teeth are more susceptible to attack from the acids found in soft drinks, due to the penetrable quality of their immature tooth enamel. As a result, there is high potential for erosion among this age. Energy drinks are not only harmful to your body but to your teeth as well, in the long run dental problems are bound to increase if you consume energy drinks on a daily/weekly basis.

We suggest that you drink responsibly for your oral health by following these few bits of information: Use a straw positioned at the back of the mouth so that the liquid avoids the teeth Rinse the mouth with water after drinking acidic beverages Limit the intake of sodas, sports drinks and energy drinks The best way to avoid these dental problems would be to cut our energy drinks, soda, and sports drinks all together.

We, of course, suggest you eat healthy, get enough sleep, exercise and drink more water. Please give us a call at the office if you have more questions about our views on energy drinks and how they affect your oral health.


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